What We Do

What is CDD?

The Office of Campus Dialogue and Deliberation (CDD) seeks to strengthen UC Davis as a civic-minded campus.  CDD aims to support, create, convene, design and facilitate civic engagement regarding issues that are important to the UC Davis community. It also aims to be an active participant in resolving group conflicts and disputes. Moreover, the office  educates the members of the community about dialogue and deliberation and provides useful resources about these topics. CDD works with campus partners such as Student Affairs, the Academic Senate, ASUCD, Staff Assembly and more to accomplish these goals.

Please explore this site to find out and learn more about us. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

What are Dialogue and Deliberation?

Dialogue and deliberation are useful and innovative tools that allow individuals and groups with different perspectives, experiences, backgrounds, political affiliations and sets of beliefs to come together to engage each other about issues that matter to them and their community. Dialogue is about learning and understanding issues by listening to everyone in the room, including those with different perspectives. Deliberation, on the other hand, is about making an informed and lasting decision about how to solve a problem by exploring multiple options. Both the dialogue and deliberation processes are based on inclusivity, respect and open-mindedness.

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